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Mohammad Hossein Mehrzad Sadaghiani

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Mohammad hossein mehrzad sadaghiani

Hello dear friends, I am Mohammad Hossein Mehrzad Sadeghiani. Like you, in 2014 I decided to continue my education and learn new skills in my field (information technology ) from one of the universities to get acquainted with a new language and nationality. After much research, I chose Northern Cyprus as my destination.
You may be wondering why I chose Cyprus as my study destination. I chose Northern Cyprus because it was very close to my country and there were no restrictions on my family. Also one of the most important reasons was the good ranking of the universities in Cyprus and the lack of hard entrance exams. I graduated from the Eastern Mediterranean University in 2017 with a master’s degree. Follow me after seeing pictures of my graduation ceremony.
never forget. When I wanted to apply for Cypriot universities, I searched the internet a lot to find a complete and comprehensive resource so that I could get all my questions answered, but unfortunately all the admission sites from Cypriot universities were completely commercial and The information written in them was mostly wrong. That’s why I decided to launch this website after graduation to fully and accurately guide people like me who wanted to study at Cypriot universities, and thank God this happened and my website many times Cyprus Universities was selected as the top study website in Cyprus.
We are now the largest official representative of Cypriot universities and receive more than 500 successful admissions each year with high scholarships for students and applicants to study in Cyprus. We set up a law firm whose name is now on the website. All services of our institution as the official representative of Cyprus universities are free and our staff does not receive any fee for admission to applicants studying in Cyprus.
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