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Cyprus International University is one of the top universities in Cyprus and has attract a lot of students in recent years.The short name of this university is CIU, and the reason for its popularity is its good ranking and reasonable tuition, which has led students who intend to study in Cyprus to choose this university as their final destination every year. CIU University is an international university built on a land area of one million square meters and is twenty years old. First, watch a promotional video from this university to get more acquainted with the environment of this university and its faculties.
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Cyprus International University On The Map

You can see the location of Cyprus International University on the map.

Cyprus International University Fees

You can see the tuition fee of different programs (undergraduate programs, master programs, Phd programs) of Cyprus International University in the table below. Dadmehr Edalat Legal Institute  can get the best scholarship for you.

Udergraduate Programs
Non- Scholarship 50% Scholarships 75% Scholarships
Other Undergraduate Programs € 5.843,00 € 3.099,00 € 1.600,00
Pharmacy € 7.844,00 € 4.099,00 € 2.100,00
Dentistry € 10.645,00 € 5.400,00
Medicine € 12.955,00 € 6.200,00
Master Programs
Non- Scholarship 50% Scholarships
Fee pe​r course € 350,00 € 175,00
Fee for thesis € 1.050,00 € 525,00
Fee for seminar € 120,00 € 60,00
Scientific Foundation per course € 150,00 € 150,00
Registration and other fees € 245,00 € 185,00
Student Union fee € 50,00 € 110,00
Phd Programs
Non- Scholarship 50% Scholarships
Fee per course € 650,00 € 325,00
Fee for thesis (4 semesters) € 2.600,00 € 1.300,00
Fee for seminar € 200,00 € 100,00
Scientific Foundation per course € 150,00 € 150,00
Registration and other fees € 245,00 € 185,00
Student Union fee € 50,00 € 110,00

Cyprus International University Accommodation

Cyprus International University residence walls offers a variety of accommodation choices for its students modern and fully furnished dormitories are ideally located to enable easy access to classrooms and all other facilities. on campus you will never be more than 10 minutes walk away to your destination built in a beautiful natural settings.

CIU residence halls offer two main types of accommodation : one in self catering apartments with a built-in kitchen and the other in studios where the student will need to join the competitively priced meal plan in addition to the living room dining room and the kitchen self catering apartments

Cyprus international university accommodation  are classified as studio dormitories or apartment dormitories. All dormitories have free unlimited internet, LCD TV, access to cable TV channels, desks and chairs, bookshelves, cupboards, beds, minibuses. Refrigerator and telephone line for incoming and outgoing calls within the university as well as calls outside the university. All university rooms and dormitories are cleaned according to a regular weekly schedule and the bed service is generally replaced.

The university dormitories are centrally located with easy access to the library, supermarket, laundry, the largest sports center in Cyprus, mini cinema, various cafes and social hangouts. There is also a patient transport vehicle, a free health center and a psychological counseling center. In fact, all the facilities of the Cyprus International University campus are available to students living in dormitories.

Cyprus International University Labs

Cyprus International University is one of the leading higher education institutions in the region pursuing a mission to continuously develop innovate emphasize experience and develop quality standards in its more than 60 laboratories designed with powerful and latest generation technology.

Infrastructure laboratories the majority of which are found only at EIU in Cyprus are designed to positively contribute to progress in various research areas of science such as cancer genetics food chemistry food control and Otomi microbiology and robotics the laboratories are constantly developed.

Through continuous investment CIU offers students the experience to implement scientific knowledge learned in theoretical courses with a research-based approach faculty members are also continuously developing their own independent researches the experience you gain in the international and interdisciplinary studies in the laboratories will help you succeed and make a difference in your future career.


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